How To Remove Nail Polish From Clothes, Carptets and Upholstery?

Before spending hundreds of dollars, try these tips out!


Getting your nails covered with those vibrant shades of nail polishes is fun and we all ladies love to do that. What about DIY home manicure and Pedicure? Well, that is all we want. But often doing this, we get our clothes, carpets, and upholstery also covered with the blazing shades of nail polishes that are often impossible to remove. But this does not mean that you have to live with that stain your whole life.

As a matter of fact, nail polish stain is actually one easiest thing to remove whether it is present of your clothes or on your upholstery. Wondering how? Read on to know!


Removing Nail Polish Stain From Clothing:

How To Remove Nail Polish From Clothes and Upholstery?

When the nail polish is fresh, try to remove as much as you can by placing a white cloth over it. Don’t scrub as this will worsen the stain and that would be difficult to remove. After the stain is dry, turn the cloth upside down and place a few paper towels beneath it. Blot the stained area with acetone and rinse with water until the stain is gone.

Tip: Never attempt to use nail polish remover or acetone if your fabric is made of acetate, triacetate or modacrylic as it will deteriorate the fabric.


Removing Nail Polish Stain from Upholstery:

How To Remove Nail Polish From Clothes and Upholstery?

For this, mix a tablespoon of dish washing liquid with two cups of cool water. Pour the detergent solution over the stain and sponge the stain by adding the solution until the stain starts to disappear. After the stain is gone, sponge with cool water and let it dry.

Tip: If the stain remains intact, contact cleaning professional ASAP.


Removing Nail Polish Stain from Carpet:

How To Remove Nail Polish From Clothes and Upholstery?

Removing nail polish stain from the carpet is most difficult. Do not use hot water over the carpet as it will only damage it. Start from the corners of the stain with the same solution mentioned above. Don’t start from the center of the rug. You can also use non-acetone nail polish remover for the thing to be done.

Tip: Don’t scrub hard as it will cause the stain to be driven further into the carpet.