Great Cleaning Tips you Might have Forgotten!

Great Cleaning Tips you Might have Forgotten!


Try out these great cleaning tips! These quick cleaning tips will make your job much easier!

Solve the smelly sneaker issue

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Freshen up your shoes after Zumba class or after a great run in the park. Sprinkle some baking soda inside your shoes. Try this in your gym bag too. Just tap the powder out and wear the shoes again.

Banish marks from the coloring time of your kids

Toothpaste works like a miracle to erase marker stains from wood. This is a handy trick to you have in your back pocket if you have some creative kids.

Don’t forget to de-stink the garbage disposal

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Run a few rinds of lemon through the garbage disposal and follow it with cold water to get rid of any odors.

Freshen the stuffed animals too

Don’t forget to dump the stuffed animals into the washing machine and groom your kids’ comfy toys by giving them a quick one-off with a lint roller.

Wipe out all the wall doodles

This is once again ideal for the parents with creative and artistic kids. You can ready the walls for another great artistic try again by scrubbing it lightly with a dampened sponge sprinkled in baking soda.

De-funk the hairbrushes and combs

Fight the build-up from hair products with a sudsy solution prepared with a few drops of dish soap mixed up with warm water.

How to clean up your car without a vacuum

A lint roller is your best bet at this. This is a less hefty solution. And you can even fit in nooks and crannies where you actual vacuuming attachments cannot reach.

Make the sneakers bright again

Scrub your sneakers with toothpaste to give them that “just out of the box” look!

Untangle a knotted necklace

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Ever have tried desperately to untangle some annoying jewelry. Do not waste your precious time anymore. Loosen the knot with some baby powder and use a pin to pull it apart.