Ways to swap sugar with natural sweeteners

Ways to swap sugar with natural sweeteners


Looking for ways to add some natural sweeteners to your diet. Read this right now right away!

How much sugar is in my cereal?

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Sweet herb Stevia rebaudiana

It might surprise you when you get to know just how much cereal there is hiding in your cereal. However, Nestle recommends a portion size of 30-45g for adults. Go with “Clusters” for your breakfast and you could be starting out with your day with 9.9g of sugar. That is more than your RDA!

Add some bananas or maybe some few berries and it is super clear to see how easy and quick you can overdose on sugar even at breakfast.

We recommend that you always check the label before you buy the cereal. Make sure cereal do not contain added sugars. Watch out because sugar will they will come in several different forms.







Hydrolysed starch

Agave nectar

Corn syrup

Rice malt syrup


Golden syrup

Is dried fruit bad for you?

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The benefits of dried fruits are often debate all over the world. While it is gram and gram, they have so much more calories even than the fresh fruits. The fresh fruits are amazingly nutritious.

As it is with most things though, the type of dried fruit you choose to snack on is important if you are serious about bringing your sugar levels down.

Raisin are alright to eat. But you want to really pack a punch, prunes are your best option. Again it goes as gram for gram. They are lower in sugar and they also contain more fiber that aids digestion.

Is chocolate actually healthy?

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It will come as no surprise that chocolates are really high in sugar. Sugar makes up more than half of chocolates’ contents.

And if you are not yet ready to give up on the chocolates yet, why don’t you try some black chocolates! Chocolates with cocoa contains 70% or more to reduce your sugar intake by almost half.