Natural Ways to De-stress Right At home!

Natural Ways to De-stress Right At home!


Jobs, kids, relationships, social commitments, life can get the best of us. While most of us might want to resort to the quick fix from a bottle of over-the-count prescriptions there are more effective natural ways to de-stress right from home.

Step outside and feel calm almost instantly

Family on walk through autumn countryside


Nature lover not a nature lover? It doesn’t matter. Go outside and find a quiet place preferably among trees and plants to sit down. The oxygen emitted by the plants guarantee a full-on mental rub-down you might just need.

Why are you stressed? Ask yourself


This works best if you are a proactive person. You may prefer to sit down and contemplate why you are actually stressed.

Is it the job, the partner, kids or the tight schedule? If you can figure out the root of the problem. Coming up with the solutions might be just as easy and de-stressing.

Always have a “Me Time”

Woman Enjoying a Bath

Forget the unwashed dishes, clothes that need to be ironed or washed for a night. Send the kids and the husband out for a few hours and get into the tub and draw a cozy bubble bath with aromatic oils and bath salts. You will be amazed how the fragrances of the oils can calm your nerves.

You can throw in a few candles and a glass of wine as well.

Eat well

healthy and junk food concept – woman with fruits rejecting hamburger and cake

A poor diet can make you feel sluggish, slow, fatigued and even moody. Although there might not be can actual reason for you to get stressed out, the slow days might make you lag behind your chores and stress you out.

Food especially natural food have the ability to revitalize the body and provides you with energy and serotonin you need to move past the stressful times.

Eat wisely, and you will be better equipped to cope in times of stress.