Mirrored Coffee Table – The Glamorous Accent Every Living Room Needs

A mirrored coffee table is a wonderful potential focal point.


Mirrored furniture is known to make spaces seem larger and more open and that makes it a particularly good fit for living rooms where an airy ambiance is always welcomed. In that sense, a mirrored coffee table is a wonderful potential focal point. Not sure what to expect from such a statement piece in terms of design? Perhaps these examples can answer some of your questions.

Dana is a glamorous coffee table which has a chromed frame with mirrored surfaces. It’s simple and rectangular which means it will effortlessly beautify your home, giving it a sophisticated feel without making it seem too cluttered.

The Sola table is not fully mirrored but has this white faux wood frame which gives it a strong and elegance presence as well as lots of character. The top is mirrored and so are the sides and even the legs.

This stylish and delicate cocktail table is Ava, one of the most exquisite mirrored tables out there. It’s the perfect sofa companion, keeping remotes and other things handy but it can be just as practical in a variety of other spaces, including offices, lounges or hallways. The curved frame gives a really cool and contemporary appearance.

In the case of the Ryanne coffee table it’s actually the studded embellishments that stand out most, partially redirecting the attention from the mirrored finish which would have otherwise been the defining characteristic of this piece.

If you like the idea of a mirrored table but you’re not quite yet ready to go all out and to let the coffee table become the living room’s focal point, perhaps a small accent table would be better suited for what you have in mind. The Monarch table might be it.

A cool thing about mirrored coffee tables is that they reflect their surroundings and that includes things like the area rug, the sofa, armchairs, light fixtures and basically anything else found around the table. You can take advantage of that in all sorts of ways. Available on Amazon.

The Lazio coffee table has the same type of studded embellishments as Ryanne but its design is a bit different in the sense that it has an open frame with a simple but still eye-catching geometry. the two drawers have mirrored fronts matching the sides and the top of the table. They also have soft leather handles which gives the table a particularly refined look.

This is not exactly a mirrored table but we really like its look so we’ll show it to you anyway. The mercury finish is quite elegant and gives the table a retro chic look which goes well with Nordic-inspired decors but also with a variety of other styles. Available on Amazon.

This is the SEI Paschall Glam table and, as you can see, its design is simple. The metal frame is slim and the glass top and shelf are just what the table needs to look glamorous and sophisticated without necessarily looking too formal. 

There’s actually a lot going on here even though the structure of the Xanthia accent table is pretty simple and straight-forward. The table has these eye-catching polished steel ribs which form a barrel-like structure. The mirrored glass top brings them all together and complements the steel frame not by contrasting with it but by emphasizing its sleek look.

When you think about it, a mirrored coffee table offers a perfect opportunity to add a glamorous and chic touch to a modern or a contemporary living room. In addition to that, its design can also be storage-efficient and can offer all sorts of other benefits. If the design is simple and versatile, a mirrored coffee table can basically fit in any space or decor thanks to its ability to complement any color scheme. Available on Amazon.

Of course, if you want your mirrored table to truly stand out, there are designs which are actually perfect for that. This is one of them. Notice the clean lines and geometric form of the table as well as the glamorous and dramatic visual impact of the crystal-like accents on its surface. Available on Amazon.