Clean floors easily with these great tips

cleaning floor does not have to be hectic!


Clean floors with these great tips! You don’t have to go through that painful process to clean floors anymore!

How to clean ceramic tiles?

clean floors
clean floors

The trick is to not use a sponge mop when cleaning the ceramic tiles because the sponge mop will push the dirt and the grime to the grout which can be extremely tricky to get rid of again.

Clean the grout in the ceramic tiles with bleach. It might not be natural  but it definitely works. Dilute 2 parts of bleach with 1 part of water and dip an old toothbrush into the solution. Scrub into the grout, leave it for an hour and wipe away with a clean damp cloth. If you think your floor smells funny, you should get more water to clean up the bleach smell.

How to clean linoleum flooring

clean floors
clean floors

Vacuuming the linoleum floor is ill-advised unless it has been stuck down with the strongest glue known to man. So sweeping is preferable and it is an easy way to keep clean floors.

When linoleum is at play, spot cleaning is the best trick. Much like the laminate flooring, keeping the floor as dry as possible is important if you want to avoid water damage.

Cleaning the carpeted floor

clean floors
clean floors

Start with picking hair off the carpet. These could be your pets hair or even your hair. Remove all traces of animals easily with a rubber glove to lift off pet hair.

Although it sounds obvious, using entrance mats wherever possible and removing shoes whenever you can is extremely important when you have a carpeted floor. This is much better than just getting on your knees and cleaning your carpet.

Remove the fresh stains with soda water and salt. And blot with a kitchen towel if you spill coffee. And soak a clean cloth in soda and apply to the stained area.

If the stain persists, grab some salt and sprinkle it all over the stain. Leave for 10 minutes before vacuuming.