Clean grout effectively with these tips!

Clean grout right now right away!


Do you also have moldy grout in your shower? It is fair to say it doesn’t exactly feel clean when you step outside the shower full of mold. If you are also planning to give your bathroom a makeover, clean grout with these great tips!

Clean grout in the shower

clean grout
clean grout

Clean grout thoroughly to get rid of the surface dirt and grime.

The first thing you have to do about a filthy shower with grout is give a good thorough scrubbing.

Use limescale remover spray and use a brush or even the rough side of a sponge with the fairy liquid sprayed into it.

Scrubbing the tiles with this will get rid of the surface dirt, living mold and leave you with the mold stains. Which we are getting to next.

Clean the grout with bleach

clean grout
clean grout

The next step is to move to the stains. We strictly advise you to use gloves.

Gather bleach and an old hard bristled toothbrush along with the gloves.

Pour 2 parts of undiluted bleach into a small container and 1 parts of water. Open any windows if possible.

Start high up on the wall, take your time and make sure the bleach seeps into the grout. And leave it for 30 minutes.

Scrub the grout once more

clean grout
clean grout

In order get rid of those blackened grout stains, you might want to scrub the grout for a second time. There is no need to mix up more bleach. Just the damp toothbrush would do.

Wash the grout and shower thoroughly to remove the bleach

Although bleach is amazing at cleaning, it is not exactly skin-friendly. To ensure no one suffers from any skin irritation, ensure you wash away the liquid off the tiles well.

Getting that whiter grout

You need not fret. The bleach will continue to make the grout whiter every passing hour