4 Reasons Blind Dates are Actually the Best

Blind Dates? Yes Please!


Dating online or with the apps means you are taking a big risk every time. Well, the same risk comes with the blind dates as well, but it is full of surprises. Maybe, for some, the idea of going to blind dates can be nerve-wracking, but as a matter of fact, these blind dates can actually turn into a long-term relationship.

Take the example of the Phoebe Buffy and Mike from F.R.I.E.N.D.S, they happened to go on the blind date by the virtue of Joey and their blind date ends up with a graceful wedding. So, if you are facing a hard time with those dating apps and their people, why not try blind date?


#1: The Blind Dates are Mystery:

Not actually knowing someone before going out with them is actually wired, but the suspense and mystery remain the part of it. This can be really fun and romantic at the same time. And good for you, especially if you’re striking out in the romance game on all other fronts.

#2: These are Convenient for those with a Busy Lifestyle:

Many people, especially those with the busy lifestyle and tough routine don’t know where to begin finding a date. Instead of spending hours of searching for an eye-pleasing profile on the dating app, it can be a lot easier to go out on a blind date set up for you.

#3: Odds of Meeting your Soulmate are Higher:

Although you should not expect that to happen, but your fate can be as bright as Phoebe and Mike. Anything can be possible, especially when you meet the person you do not know out of your circle.

#4: You do not have to Do Much Work:

Instead of wasting your time to put you out for the people on online dating thing to be picked up by the public, all you have to do is to be a game and show up, in a blind date. That’s the best part of this blind dating game.

Blind dates can be scary and sweet, at the same time. But compared to other dating things, blind dates are actually the best.