DIY Projects to Decorate your Home

Looking for a great weekend project to decorate your home


Exclusively for the DIY superheroes looking for great DIY projects. You will be amazed by these cool DIY projects.

Mercury Glasses


DIY Projects to Decorate your Home
Mercury Glasses

Gather these items

Glass votive or vase

Spray bottle filled with water

Krylon Looking Glass Mirror Like spray paint

Newspaper or paper plate

Mercury Glass: Step 1

Wash the glass votive or the vase with soap and water.

Spray some water on the inside of glass

DIY Projects to Decorate your Home
Mercury or gold glasses!

Mercury Glass: Step 2

Lightly spray inside of the glass with Mirror Like spray paint while glass is still wet.

Holding onto the outside the glass, swirl the paint around the inside until the entire interior is coated. You might have to this several times.


Mercury Glass: Step 3

Place the spray painted glass upside down on a newspaper or a paper plate. Let it dry.

Repeat process with water and pain four or five times until you are satisfied with the effect.

Watercolor Napkins

DIY Projects to Decorate your Home
Add a little colour!

Gather these items


White fabric napkins

Fabric paint


Flat paintbrush

DIY Projects to Decorate your Home
Watercolour napkins

Watercolor Napkins: Step 1

Mix fabric paint and water until the mixture gains a watery consistency.

Then paint stripes across the napkins using a flat paintbrush.

The color should bleed through the fabric and bloat to achieve a watercolor-like appearance once the paint dries.

Fabric Rosettes

DIY Projects to Decorate your Home
Fabric Rosettes

With this simple technique and super awesome DIY skill set you will be dying to embellish everything in your home from curtains to pillows.

Gather these

Strips of fabric (we used sheets for both the rosettes and curtains pictured here)


Coordinating thread


Fabric Rosettes: Step 1

DIY Projects to Decorate your Home
Fabric Rosettes

Use a 4-1/2-inch wide strips of fabric. Cut fabric strips into 12 inch lengths.

Sew a 1/2 inch hem on one long side and sew a 1/2 inch hem on each of the short sides.

Then hand-sew a loose running stitch along the raw edge.


Fabric Rosettes: Step 2

Pull one end of thread to gather fabric into a circle.

These are loose, freestyle rosettes, so you don’t need to create a tight circle.

DIY Projects to Decorate your Home
Fabric Rosettes

Fabric Rosettes: Step 3

Stitch the center of the rose to hold its shape.

Place the rosettes onto curtain, pillow, or the object you are embellishing; stitch in place to secure.