Toilet Roll Tubes; upcycle them this way!

Don’t throw out the toilet roll tubes! They can work miracles!

Organize, store and transport your wires

toilet roll tubes

Simply wrap your cords around them and stuff them into the toilet roll tubes. If you thing the bare look is a bit too out there, you can even cover them in washi tape to make them look attractive.

This is going come in handy when you travel far have a huge problem with the luggage space. Plus, the wires won’t get tangled in anything and you don’t have to worry about possible damage to the wires either.

Make amazingly beautiful gift boxes

toilet roll tubes

You can turn a brown cardboard roll into a beautiful gift box with just a dab of paint and a knot or two of a few ribbons. Decorate with glitter or anything your creative mind lets you.

This is a great way to save up a buck or two and let your creative juices flowing.  With the Christmas coming this is a cheap and a great way to upcycle and add a unique touch to Christmas.

Make your own Christmas crackers

toilet roll tubes

Christmas is getting closer and the Christmas crackers are drawing a major hype out there. fill toilet roll tubes with glitter some trinkets and wrap them up with Christmas paper.

Make Seedling Pots

toilet roll tubes

The toilet roll tubes make amazing seedling pots. These are cheap, available right at hand and even sturdy. Create a hole in the bottom for drainage.

Pen and marker holders

toilet roll tubes

Have a lot of pens and markers lying around? Sort out the pens and the markers in the toilet roll tubes and stack them in a plastic tray or even a shoe box.

Amazing alternative to bunting

toilet roll tubes

Wish to take the traditional bunting to the next level? Cut the toilet roll tubes into stripes leaving them intact as a circle then gently tease the ends to create a leaf. Glue them together to create flower then loop a piece of string together.