Recycle Plastic Bags In these fun and amazing ways!

Recycle plastic bags in your holiday suitcase

Use the plastic bags to protect any liquids such as perfumes, oils and shampoo bottles in your luggage. Put your dirty shoes in a plastic bags to keep them away from your clothes.

Use the plastic bags in the bathroom bin

recycle plastic bags 2

Line the bin in your bathroom with a plastic bag and save yourself from picking out the dirty tissues stuck to the bottom of the bin. You can collect floss, empty toothpaste tubes and everything else dirty without having to touch them. You can just pick up the plastic bag and throw it in the garbage.

Recycle plastic bags and roll out dough


Cut a plastic bag in half and use it as a non-stick surface for rolling out your dough. You can also make the process much easier by rolling the dough between two plastic bag sheets.

For car sickness

Always keep an extra set of plastic bags in the car for those who often get car sick. Plus make sure the bags don’t have holes or any ruptures. If you are suspicious about them just double bag them.

In your car boot

If you have got bottles of washer fluid, oil, de-icer and cloths in your car boot, keep them individually wrapped in plastic bags. This will prevent spillages and keep them tidy.

Bin for when food prepping

If your kitchen bin is far away from where you prepare food, hang a plastic bag on a drawer. This way you can slide all your peelings, chopped tops of carrots and empty packaging into it. You can have two plastic bags hanging on each corner – one for recycling and one for general waste.

Gather car rubbish

recycle plastic bags 2

Whether it’s empty sweet wrappers, fast-food rubbish or tissues, you’re bound to experience a messy car every now and again. Keep a few plastic bags in your car for a quick clean-out – or even better, tell everyone to use it as a car bin bag from the start.