Use cool socks in these amazing ways!

Use cool socks in these amazing ways!

Use cool socks you have lying around for these amazing purposes! Turn your house upside down and use cool socks for these uses!

Wearable cleaning cloth

use cool socks

Grab a funny colorful sock, does not matter if it’s holey, lacey or any other kind. Wear it over your hand like glove and there you go! Use the sock instead of the dust cloths. This guarantees to make your work much easier since you don’t have to bother about looking for it every now and then.

Plus you can use your fingers to get into all the impossible-to-reach nooks and crannies and you can use your palm to clean large, flat surfaces. The soft texture of the wool works amazing to shine up wood and you don’t have to be afraid of applying polish generously.

Use cool socks to make a headband

use cool socks

This is one of our favorites. Cut a length of washed over the knee socks that is approximately up to 12 to 14 inches. Make sure you have cut off the toe and the heel part of the sock. Bring the two ends of the sock together and overlap them by ½ inch.

Use a doubled-thread and stitch the ends of the sock making numerous stitches through both layers of fabric to make sure they stay secure. You will need a 12 inch thread for this. Tie up a knot with the thread but don’t cut off the thread yet.

Cut a 2-inch length of ribbon. Wrap it around the area where you just stitched. Overlap the ends of the ribbon on the underside of the headband by ½ inch. Et voila!

Perfumed potpourri pouch

use cool socks

Turn the smelly old socks into the fragrant air-fresheners. Plus this is a great rainy-day activity to share with the kids. Stuff lavender or potpourri in the socks and tie the sock up with a ribbon. You can leave them in drawers. Or you can hang them in your bathroom to get it smelling all good!

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