Upcycle plastic bottles with these wonderful ideas!

Upcycle plastic bottles with these wonderful ideas!


Upcycle plastic bottles with these great ideas! These ideas to upcycle plastic bottles will also spruce up your home!

Make a single flower vase

upcycle plastic bottles

Get some Washi tape, better known as patterned tape. Get creative with some strips of wrapping paper and PVA glue and start pasting it around the empty bottle. It will make a lovely little single flower vase. You can even line them up and it will just spruce up any room!

Make a cute spray bottle

upcycle plastic bottles

Don’t put the empty plastic bottles in trash again. Gather up some tubes and spray heads. Make sure you find the right fit for the mouth of the bottle and secure the spray head with some gaffer tape.

You can even spray paint the bottle for some fun and creative look !

Make apple treat cups

upcycle plastic bottles

Cut the bottoms of the plastic bottles and paint the in red or cover them in red strips of paper. Fill a clear bag with red cherries or sweets. Tie with a green ribbon and voila! You have a cute apple cup filled with sweet treats. This is going to look great on Halloween.

Build some hanging planters

upcycle plastic bottles

Make some mini hanging planters suitable for both indoors and outdoors. You can make these with old plastic bottles.

Snip a few plastic bottles in half and punch holes through the sides –not too big so the soil would fall out-  and hang the snipped bottles with some rope. You can even cover the bottles with some spray paints.

Make a pencil case or a pen pot

upcycle plastic bottles

You will absolutely love these! Just cut the bottles 1: 3 and pair the lower part of the bottles with another lower part of a plastic bottle. You can decide on the size of the pencil case depending on what you are planning to store in them.

Start pasting the sipper with strong glue from the inside of the plastic.

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