Upcycle mugs with these great ideas to brighten up the household

Upcycle mugs with these great ideas to brighten up the household and save the environment.


Upcycle mugs into a candle holders

upcycle mugs

Not only they look really good and pretty in a decorative mug, the high sides means that no wax will end up leaking wax onto surfaces. You should check out the tutorial to make candle holders out of mugs right here!

Mugs are great for planting herbs

How does your own herb garden sound? Old mugs are the perfect starting point. They are the perfect size and sturdy enough to keep your herbs upright. Keep the planted herbs in mugs on a windowsill to receive sufficient sunlight.

Mugs are also great as soup bowls

You don’t always have to sip soup from a soup bowl. Try out your next soup ride with mugs on a cold day. The best part is that you can even drink the soup on a couch or even a bed without struggling so much as you might do with a good ol’ soup bowl.

Make delicious treats in mugs

You know that feeling when you are craving for cake but you can’t really be bothered to bake one? Try out a mug cake! It is going to be your ultimate chocolate fix you might want to try over and over again especially on a bad day. Check out the recipe right here.

Upcycle mugs into cold recovery kits

It is only normal to get colds in the winter months. Surprise a sick friend or a loved one with a cold recovery kit in a mug. That is medicine, sweet treats and perhaps a little card placed in the mug.

Mosaicing with the mugs

upcycle mugs

Completely reinvent the broken mugs by mosaicking with the broken shards of the mugs. You can glue them on to a small piece of your wall. Just mix and match with the colors on the walls.