Ways to Keep Kitchen Sink Clean and Sparkling

Ways to Keep Kitchen Sink Clean and Sparkling


Keep Kitchen Sink Clean with a homemade Sink Cleaner

keep kitchen sink clean

Don’t you worry about this DIY Sink Cleaner breaking your bank! It is amazing because you can make this with three simple things you can find from inside the house. Gather these ingredients and let’s make the DIY Sink Cleaner.

Baking soda

Table Salt

A Sugar Shaker

This works great with removing limescale, tannin stains from tea and coffee and it will leave your sink shining.

Use a toothbrush to keep kitchen sink clean

keep kitchen sink clean

It is always a great idea to save the old toothbrushes. You can use them to clean around the tap. Yes all the nooks and crannies. They will help scrub away the grime, limescale and any other disgusting things that may be hiding in your sink.

How to remove limescale with lemon

When it comes to limescale, especially with the dense limescale stuck around the spout of your kitchen sink tap, a quick one time run over might not be enough.

It sure sounds like a lot of effort yeah. Well we have a solution for you. This would work its magic for over a few hours without requiring any interference from you and that is, lemon.

The acidic properties of lemon make it an ideal and a natural limescale remover. Try this way.

Cut a lemon in half

Scrub the flesh of the lemon all over the tap while paying extra attention to the area with dense coating of limescale.

Leave it be for around 2 hours

Rinse the tap and dry it.

Wipe the sink after every use

This is kind of obvious and yes it is a great tip to keep kitchen sink clean. This might seem tiring after all the washing and the wiping off the plates and dishes. If you’ve gone to the effort of washing all those dishes you might as well give your sink a try too.