How to Make a Giant Confetti Balloon At Home

Are you having a party at your place this evening? Forgot to get confetti balloons? Don’t panic! We have got you covered this time with the giant confetti balloons that you can make at your home using a few things from your sewing cabinet.

So tuck up your sleeves and make a celebration out of your home!


Things you Need to Make a Giant Confetti Balloon at Your Home:

Out of the scratch, you can make a great confetti balloon to liven up your party. Here are the things that you need:

  • Clear Balloons
  • Tissue Confetti
  • Fine Glitter
  • A ribbon
  • Helium Pump

How to Make a Confetti Balloon?

After getting all these things near you, just follow the following steps and end up having amazing confetti balloons within no time.

#1: Stuff the Balloons:

How to Make a Giant Confetti Balloon At Home

Hold open the mouth of the balloon and add as much confetti and glitter into it as you want. Try to stuff the balloon with confetti at once as this will allow confetti to be more static and stick to the sides of the balloon.

#2: Inflate the Balloon:

How to Make a Giant Confetti Balloon At Home

After stuffing the balloon with the confetti and glitter, fill it up with the helium gas using helium knot and attach to the ribbon. Shake the balloon well to spread the confetti evenly within the balloon.

You are done. Can you believe you have got the confetti balloons without spending that much money? For similar DIYs, keep visiting us!