Hanging Lounge Chair; DIY a hanging lounge chair

Let’s start building your wonderful hanging lounge chair!

Out the many gorgeous DIY projects this one is one of our favourites. Super basic, but gorgeous and super comfortable, DIY-ing the hanging lounge chair is one not to miss. Especially with the summer this is a great way to have an outdoor nap looking at your garden with delicious summer drink in your hand.

We have previously spoken about building a garden hammock. But the hanging lounge chair is even easier to build besides drilling a few holes.

Let’s start building your wonderful hanging lounge chair!

Hanging Lounge Chair; DIY a hanging lounge chair

What you need

  • Three 1.25” Oak Dowels
  • Two 5/8” Oak Dowels
  • About 20’ of ½” Rope (make sure the weight limit is at 300 lbs)
  • Canvas drop cloth

What Equipment

  • Sewing machine
  • Drill
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Stain


How to build the hanging lounge chair


  • Cut each of the 1.25” dowels to 30” long.
  • On two dowels which will be used for the seating part, mark 2” and 3.5” into the each dowel and mark each spot. Make sure the marks are at the same level otherwise you won’t be able to slide the 5/8” dowels through. If you have a dowel jig, this will be much easier.
  • Drill 5/8” holes on the 2”marks on each of the dowels. And drill 1.25” through the 3.5” holes.
  • On the third 1.25, measure out and drill only 3.5” holes.
  • Cut out a 48” x 23” piece of the canvas.
  • Along the length of the canvas, fold in ½” in and iron in place. Fold again and iron. Repeat for the other side.
  • Straight stitch twice along both of these folds.
  • Fold the top and bottom down 3 1/8” and straight stitch across the bottom of the fold.
  • Slide the 1.25” dowels (with four drill holes) through each of the canvas and put the 5/8” dowels into the holes drilled for them.

Hanging Lounge Chair; DIY a hanging lounge chairHanging Lounge Chair; DIY a hanging lounge chair

Phase Two

  • Once in place, drill a pilot hole where the dowels come together and screw them together. Make sure the screw is not too long that it comes out from the outside.
  • Tie a double knot in your rope leaving about 4” on one side of the knot. Feed the other (long) side up through the other 1.25” dowel. Then feed that rope down through the hole on the other end.
  • Tie another knot under the dowel leaving enough extra rope on the top to make loop.
  • Tie a loop into the rope. Measure to make sure it is directly above the centre of the dowel.
  • Feed both ends of the rope down through the top rung of the seat and tie a knot below the dowel. Trim the excess rope.
  • Take the leftover rope and cut two equal pieces.
  • Make a knot in one end of both ropes (leave 6 to 8” hanging down) and feed up through the bottom rung of the seat.
  • Bring these ropes up tot the top dowel and tie them around the dowel just inside of the rope form the upper rung. Hang the swing at this point so it’s easier to make sure it’s level when you are tying them in place.
  • Trim excess rope or leave it hanging.
  • Fray the ends and hang it on a hook that supports 300lbs.
Hanging Lounge Chair; DIY a hanging lounge chair
Hanging Lounge Chair; Done!