Side Table; DIY a Rolling Stump Side Table

DIY a super cool side table!

Very recently we spoke about adding a hanging lounge chair into your patio. Today we are ready to talk about an equally easy –perhaps even easier—equally inexpensive DIY project, building your own rolling stump side table.

What the use of the side stable you ask? Well where can we start! This side table is even more special since we have decided to add castors. Making this side table the perfect, not to mention the most practical addition on your patio. This summer!

Even better, this side table is the easiest to make. The trick is to lock down the best tree trump for the side table. Do decide the height of the table on your own.

We started off with sanding the complete stump with a palm sander. And we resorted to the wipe-on stain cloth instead of the hassle loaded spray painting or good old varnish. We really developed a liking to it since oh god it is as easy as wiping!

We then started off with fixing the castors. Why castors? Why not! Castors are the icing on the cake that is this side table. You can easily move it on the patio as you wish. Extremely practical yeah?

If you think you need a handle you can even go for it. And if you live in rather a sunny climate we suggest that you add a protective coating to your new side table!

What do you need?


  • A tree stump (decide the height on your own)
  • A palm sander
  • Natural Oak Wipe-on Stain Cloth
  • Dark Mahogany Wipe-on Stain Cloth
  • Four Castors

How to build the Rolling Stump Side Table

Side Table; DIY a Rolling Stump Side Table
The tree stump before the makeover

Sand the wooden stump all over with the palm sander.

Side Table; DIY a Rolling Stump Side Table
Tree stump ready to go

Use the wipe-on stain cloths of both the colours all over the stump to decorate the stump.

Turn the stump upside-down. Mark the holes in a way that they are evenly spaced out.

Side Table; DIY a Rolling Stump Side Table

Drill the holes and screw in the castors.