Pouf for your home; how to make a pouf


Gather these

Pattern print-outs



2 yards of 54-inch-wide linen burlap

1 old lightweight solid-color bed sheet—any size (or 3 yards of 45-inch-wide muslin)

Straight pins

Sewing machine

1 spool (125 yards) heavy-duty/upholstery thread to match burlap

2 large garbage bags full of fabric items for stuffing (e.g. old clothing, worn towels, fabric scraps)

1 5-lb. box of fiberfill

1 roll fusible-web tape

Large embroidery or straight upholstery needle

4 skeins embroidery floss to match or contrast fabric


Prep the Patterns

how to make a pouf

Download the patterns you like from here. The number of copies of each shape you need is indicted on the pattern.

Cut out the shapes and using tape, piece together the larger pattern following instructions.

When it is pieced together, the pattern will look like a rectangle with two triangles on each side.

Piece and tape together the endcap pattern.

Cut out the Pieces

how to make a pouf

Lay the burlap you just made over the bed sheet and pin the pattern into place and cut around the pattern. Repeat until you have eight sets. This means you will eight pieces of burlap and eight pieces of bed sheet in total.

Cut the octagon pieces from top and bottom using the endcap pattern for the top and bottom of the pouf.

For each piece fold a piece of burlap in half pin the long edge of the endcap pattern along the fold, and cut it out.

Repeat to make the second octagon piece.

Pin the pieces


Layer one bed-sheet piece on the bottom, two pieces of burlap in the middle, and one piece of sheet on top.

Pin the layers together along one side and repeat this to create three more sets.

Sew together

how to make a pouf

Straight stich with a ½-inch seam allowance.

Steam Seams

how to make a pouf

Open up each pair in the middle with the burlap and steam iron them.

Join the Pairs

how to make a pouf

Lay one joined pair on top of another with right sides together (burlap to burlap) and pin. Sew along one edge, unpin, and press open. Repeat with the other two layered sets.

You will have two pouf halves. Turn one half right side out and the other inside out.

Attach The Halves

how to make a pouf

Nest one half inside the other with right sides together; pin around the outside edges.

On each end of the pouf where the seams meet, make a mark 5 inches from the center on each side, leaving a 10-inch gap.

Sew Pouf

From one 5-inch mark, stitch around the outside edge of the pouf, stopping at the 5-inch mark on the other side, leaving a 10-inch opening for stuffing the pouf.

Reinforce the opening by sewing across the seam allowance at a right angle to the seam at the 5-inch marks.

Stuff your poof

Add Fiberfill

how to make a pouf

Close Opening

how to make a pouf

Prepare Top and Bottom

Attach Top and Bottomhow to make a pouf

Add Decorative Stitches

how to make a pouf