Clean Bath Toys With Mold the Easy Way!

How to get rid of mold from your kids bath toys!


Did you know there is a small hole underneath your child’s bath toy for the water to get in and out easily? And did you know this creates a moist, warm environment inside for the harmful germs to multiply almost overnight? Even though you might dismiss all this thinking these bath toys stay in water and cannot get moldy inside, you need to know to clean bath toys for the safety of your kids.

This is definitely going to be a problem if your little ones are nibbling on their bath toys. Thankfully we have a great set of tips to clean bath toys you have in your tub for the kids!

Clean bath toys with vinegar

Clean Bath Toys With Mould the Easy Way!
A vinegar soak

Squeeze out as much water as possible and leave the toys to dry fully. Fill a large container with 2 parts of warm water and one part of white vinegar. Soak the bath toys in the solution for 10 to 15 minutes squeezing the toy to flood in the vinegar. Shake the toys well to ensure water reaches all crevices. Use a toothbrush to clean the exterior. Squeeze them dry and let them dry out.

Clean them in the dishwasher

Squeeze out the water and put the toys on top of the dishwasher. Hit the warm cycle after adding your dishwasher powder or tablet. Remove the excess water once done.

Cleaning the exterior of the bath toys

Clean Bath Toys With Mould the Easy Way!
Clean Bath Toys With Mould the Easy Way!

If you still think there is mold outside the bath toys you can turn toward a toothbrush. Brush the exterior of the bath toys to clean out the excess dirt, mold or even dark moss in the crevices.

Seal the hole to prevent the mold growth

Clean Bath Toys With Mould the Easy Way!
Clean Bath Toys With Mould the Easy Way!

Use hot glue to seal the holes underneath the toys. This will prevent from water getting inside the toys and any future mold growth.