Old Books; exciting ways to use old books

Old Books; exciting ways to use old books


Arrange your old books tastefully in beautiful bookcases

Do you also have some shelving in your living room that looks a bit bare? Go for a great selection of books in all shapes and sizes and even colors will fix that right away.

These will truly transform your living space.

Use old books to fashion bookmarks for the new ones

old books

The spine of a hardback makes the ideal sturdy bookmark for even the biggest of the books. This means you have take off the cover off one of the big old books of yours. Plus you will be able to remember the old book for what it was everytime you use the bookmarks!

Also these would make lovely presents and stocking fillers for any other book worm you might now.

Make your own coffee table with books as the legs

If you like to push the creative limits a bit further you can try building your own coffee table with old books. Place a flat wooden surface –preferably polished and sand-papered- on a set of hardcover books. Or you can even use a glass to show off the collection of books.

Use a leveler tool to balance off the glass or the wooden surface on the books. You can stuff folded cardboards to better balance off the glass or the wooden surface.

Keep your favorite treasures inside the old books

Cut out a square through the pages of your old book with a box cutter. Something of a compartment. Close the cover on your so that you can use it as a jewelry box!

This is a novelty and a useful idea. Perfect for storing jewelry, and even keys.

DIY a Doorstop

Stack up some old books on top of one another and use it to keep your door open. These would look great anywhere with any door.